Three deer and two dogs broke into a middle school in Lothian, Md. early Monday morning, leading officials to cancel classes and causing up to $5,000 in damages.

This surveillance footage from Southern Middle School shows a deer crashing through a glass entrance door into the school lobby around 4 a.m. Two deer race inside and a third deer follows, scrambling across the floor. One of the three charges the glass doors and bounces off before turning and fleeing deeper into the building. It’s either an escape attempt or a last-ditch effort to scare away the dog on the other side of the glass.

The second half of the clip shows a German shepherd and a Labrador mix pursuing the deer. The pair sniff around the entrance before eventually making their way through the busted door. You can see them reflected in the glass as they try to track down their quarry.

The break-in triggered the school’s alarm system and county police arrived to find the German shepherd attacking one of the whitetails, according to the Baltimore Sun. Responders found the second deer sitting on the floor, apparently dazed and “distressed” from bite marks. The third deer was discovered dead and trapped in a hallway.

Officials euthanized the two surviving deer due to the severity of their injuries. Animal Control officers captured both dogs, neither of which wore a collar, and managed to find their owners. The agency retained custody of the dogs as of Monday.

Administrators were forced to cancel classes for two schools; The middle school is currently housing classes for Lothian Elementary as it undergoes construction. Students returned to school as usual Tuesday after cleanup crews spent Monday repairing the damage. Officials estimated repair costs would fall between $3,000 and $5,000.