We’ve seen hunters rescue several locked bucks. In the most cases, buck’s rival is already dead from exhaustion or coyote predation. This video was shot last month by 29-year-old Kansas hunter Evan McAnally, who came across the bucks while checking his game cameras in Stafford County.

A tangle of antlers on the ground caught his attention and further inspection revealed the remains of a half-eaten buck locked with another deer. He assumed they were both dead. As McAnally approached, the intact buck rose and tried to walk away, reports the Kansas City Star. McAnally set his cell phone in a bush to record the rescue attempt. After trying unsuccessfully to unhook the antlers by hand, he retrieves a saw from his truck.

He removes one tine from the live buck’s rack and two from the dead buck’s antlers. “I spent a lot of the 30 minutes just easing in, trying to keep the buck calm,” McAnally told the Star. “It kind of kept pulling away and I kept kind of talking softly and petting its neck a bit. I’m not sure if that really helped.”

The full video shows 10 minutes of the rescue and it’s worth the watch when you see the buck take off at the end. Later in the day McAnally spotted the buck walking toward a creek for a drink of water. The whitetail appeared gaunt but otherwise unharmed. Although he hopes to see the buck while bowhunting in the fall, McAnally said he now has a connection with the deer and doesn’t plan to take a shot.