Travis Twizell of Prince George, B.C. managed to capture this incredible footage of a killer whale hunt while boating just south of the Alaskan border. Twizell and his family spotted a pod of five orcas pursuing four sea lions through the coastal waters near Digby Island. As one onlooker points out in the clip, the sea lions seek cover by swimming as close as possible to the boat. This strategy makes for some amazing footage, but also proved slightly unnerving for the Twizells.

“It was a little nerve-wracking,” Twizell told eCanadaNow. “We were not sure if the sea lions were going to jump into the boat, because the killer whales followed them over.”

Storm clouds moved in shortly after the chase began and the family was forced to head for land. But the hunt didn’t end there. One sea lion got cut off from its companions and two orca calves moved in.

“You could see the three big whales backed off, and the two small orcas started to hit against it and take it down,” Twizell told the website. “You could tell at that point it was a total hunting training exercise for those babies.”

Although the young whales injured the lone sea lion, none of the passengers could see how the encounter ended. The other three sea lions escaped by following their boat all the way back to shore.

Editor’s note: Video contains some profane language.