Video: The Rattlesnake Den

Perhaps it's the warmer weather. Or maybe spring turkey season. Or simply the fact that some people get off on snakes.

Who knows why anyone would search for a video showing about a zillion rattlesnakes slithering through the high grass of Montana and into a literal hell hole of serpents, but search someone did and now that initial pastime has turned a clip first posted in 2010 viral.

The video was posted by Michael Delany in October 2010 and since then - mostly recently - it's garnered over 43,000 hits. Simply labeled "Rattlesnake Den Close-up" and described only as "Close-up video of a rattlesnake den in Montana," the video shows numerous rattlesnakes of varying lengths and diameters cutting through the grass, writing over one another, and intertwining. For those with a phobia of snakes, it's difficult to watch to say the least.
Me? I don't have anything against snakes and still the above gave me the heebie jeebie.

I'm not sure why though nor do I care to go to therapy to figure out.

What's your reaction?