Yeti announced its latest – and most expensive – product today: the Yeti casket.

The Texas based company, known for revolutionizing the cooler industry with Roto-molding technology, states on its website that the new Yeti casket will “last an eternity” and that “It doesn’t just close, it seals, protecting your loved one from the elements.”

The casket features 2 inches of PermaFrost Insulation, six DoubleHaul handles on all sides of the casket for easy porting, and an interior crafted of “the highest grade satin camouflage material.”

The Yeti casket starts at $4,114.00 and can be customized to suit the needs of the deceased and the desires of those left behind.

Yeti says it also has smaller models available for pets.

All sound to good to be true?

Well, it might be. Although Yeti never states that the casket is an April Fool’s Day prank, one can’t help but notice the date the product was announced.