The Discovery Channel is promoting a new 4-part series called Kodiak that premiers tonight (10 p.m. ET) and features a trio of families that run a hunting and fishing lodge out of Kodiak Island.

The series matches a trend in the Discovery Channel’s focus on reality television set in Alaska.

“Alaska has always been surrounded by a veil of mystique, and several of our highest rated shows take place there. We introduced our viewers to the gold miners of Porcupine Creek in GOLD RUSH, the tight-knit community of Tanana in YUKON MEN, the Kilcher family of Homer in ALASKA: THE LAST FRONTIER, the bush pilots of Unalakleet in FLYING WILD ALASKA, and now we are excited to introduce our viewers to the legendary forests and waters of Kodiak Island, one of the most dangerous and isolated places on Earth,” said Denise Contis, Executive Vice President of Production and Development for Discovery Channel.

The show seems to focus on hunting brown bears, which is cool. I just hope they do a decent job of portraying the hunts accurately (or at least as accurately as possible). The characters seem legit, but I’m not sure about all the dubbed-in bear roaring.

Here’s a sneak peek from one of the episodes where Bob May and Ernie Holland find a big bear feasting on a dead whale that has washed up on shore…