Joe Rogan is many things — actor, comedian, UFC commentator, black belt holder in multiple disciplines — but he is not a lion killer. The latter apparently needed to be clarified after the self-described satire news site Empire Sports ran a story that said the Fear Factor host had killed a mountain lion with his bare hands.

A highlight of the article reads: “News out of California never really shocks me anymore, but when the report surfaced about stand up comedian Joe Rogan killing a mountain lion, I was in disbelief. Rogan, who also does commentary for the UFC and is a black belt Jiu Jitsu fighter, was injured only slightly in the bizarre confrontation with the wild animal. Mr. Rogan was taken to a local hospital but released very shortly afterwards.”

The “story” was published on May 11 and shortly went viral on Facebook. Rogan took to his Twitter account to put the story to rest.

I can’t either. Although I really wanted to believe that he did. Did you buy into the story? Comment below!