While participating in the White Buffalo Tarpon Tournament in Florida this month a team of anglers faced extremely tough competition in the form of a monster hammerhead shark.

And-no surprises here-the shark won.

Rob Caragiulo and his mates were battling an estimated 7-foot tarpon 200 yards off Anna Maria Island when they saw the dark shadow of a shark materialize beneath the boat. The team immediately let the tarpon spool out to give it a chance against the hammerhead. But three quarters of a mile out, the shark attacked. Caragiulo was able to catch some of the feeding frenzy on his GoPro, which he held by hand after forgetting his camera pole at home.

Caragiulo and teammates were also able to recover what was left of the tarpon following the attack. They managed to take a girth measurement and a sample of the fish as proof. but unfortunately didn’t place in the contest. Guess the real winner that day was the shark!