Animal Attacks photo

Cute or creepy?

The latest viral video to tear up the web features a black bear walking upright through a New Jersey township. It’s not unusual to spot a bear on its hind legs occassionally, but they don’t normally favor a bipedal stroll through the suburbs of Jefferson Township, N.J. So naturally the action caught the attention of many onlookers, including 22-year-old Ian Bohman, who captured the strange event on his cell phone.

“I was walking out to my car and turned the corner and there it was just walking straight up the street,” Bohman told reporters. “It stopped and looked at me and I pulled out my cell phone and it kept walking.”

So why would a bear walk on its hind legs for an extended period of time? Wildlife officials guessed the bear might have injured one of its front legs. My theory is the bear saw his chance for 15 minutes of fame. What do you think?