Last month, we showed you how Utah stocks remote lakes with fingerlings by dropping them from a plane.

Well, Washington has one-upped Utah, and is now using a cannon to move fish.

The cannon is actually a lengthy, flexible vacuum sleeve designed by Whooshh Innovations. Fish zoom through the tube at 32 feet per second, drawn to their destinations by extremely strong suction. This method helped the Yakima Nation Fisheries move hundreds of spring Chinook through the Roza Dam earlier this summer, reports OutdoorHub.

Interestingly, the cannon was originally used as a method for transporting fruit. When Whooshh heard Washington wildlife officials were experiencing difficulties getting fish through dams, the company conducted an experiment.

“So we put a tilapia in the fruit tube,” Whooshh vice president Todd Deligan told The Verge. “It went flying, and we were like, ‘Huh, check that out.'”

There’s also a humorous before-and-after comparison at the 2:05-minute mark that highlights the efficiency of the new system. We wonder what they’ll come up with next.