Simple, focused missions tend to carry the greatest chance of success.

Outdoor Life’s Open Country program has such a mission: To stimulate conversation about the issue of public access for hunting and fishing.

With conversation, comes awareness. And action follows awareness.

PowderHook’s mission? Also simple.

“Find a Place To Hunt or Fish.”

Launched in 2013, is an online clearinghouse of sorts of hunting and fishing opportunities that helps to pair sportsmen and women with land and opportunities to hunt and fish.

Powderhook allows users to search for areas near them that offer hunting and fishing opportunities, including those on public and private lands. It then provides maps, information and a system of connectivity where other users can weigh in on the options as well.

Despite the long-term growth of online use by hunters and anglers, a single clearinghouse of public hunting land information has been hard to locate and Powderhook goes a long ways towards that.

Powderhook will be honored on Jan. 21 as one of four recipients of Outdooor Life’s Open Country awards.

PowderHook’s simple mission is anything but simple to achieve. Trouble finding a place to hunt or fish is one of the most cited reasons folks leave the outdoors.

PowderHook is looking to bring those people back, and introduce new users to the world we love.