As the final days of 2014 slip past, you likely find yourself focused on late-season whitetails, the pending ice-fishing season, and holiday gatherings.

But if you want to save a few bucks, you should also be thinking about tax season. Because it, too, will soon be upon us and it’s not nearly as pleasant as finding perch at first-ice or a shooter buck on a prime late-season food source.

Want to reduce your tax burden and give a boost to the things you love? Consider giving to one of Outdoor Life’s Open Country projects.

At Outdoor Life, we are committed to public access and the Open Country program is evidence of that commitment. Without accessible lands and waters, the future of hunting, fishing, trapping, and conservation could look very different indeed.

Outdoor Life currently has several Open Country programs under way. Each is in the midst of an online IndieGoGo fundraising initiative, designed to provide the resources needed to conduct critical work in 2015.

There aren’t silver-plated efforts seeking ridiculous amounts of money without a tangible plan or purpose. These are practical, on-the-ground efforts that will happen – and with a very clear and defined plan for use of the generated funds. What they lack, though, is funding.

Donations made to the efforts may be tax-deductible (check with your tax preparer) and could help reduce the amount of tax you made this year. Without question, your donation will help to make a difference for access. A big difference. In general, private donations are matched several times over by grants from non-governmental organizations, meaning that even a modest donation will be amplified.

These access projects have a limited window for success and the fundraising efforts have a limited window as well — now would be a great time to help reach the project fundraising goals and save yourself a few dollars come tax season.

Here are this year’s Open Country projects and goals:

Michigan On-The-Ground: Program that improves public land access and habitat for hunters and anglers in Michigan. Campain Goal: $500 to purchase new chain saw.

Jackson Hole Fence Removal: The Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation is tearing down fences that prevent access to public lands and serves as a impediment to natural migration of big game. Campaign Goal: $5,000.

National Public Lands Days: Each year the National Environmental Education Foundation helps celebrate National Public Lands Day with a sweeping series of projects from coast to coast. Campaign goal: $5,000

Improve 10,000 Acres of Public Land in the Berkshires: The Berkshire Natural Resources Council is looking to continue protecting and conserving places to hunt, fish and enjoy the Berkshire region in Massachusetts. They’re look to match a grant they’ve already got in place to get that work done. Campaign goal: $12,500