Public Land: Hunting and Fishing in Oregon

With nearly 20 million acres of publicly owned land, Oregon has plenty to offer hunters and anglers.

• 1.7 million acres

• Good deer, elk, bear and mountain lion hunting

• Hundreds of miles of rivers and streams provide good trout fishing

• 983,000 acres

• Legendary trout fishing in rivers, streams and high country lakes

• Good deer, elk and bear hunting

• 19,100 acres

• Good big game hunting and trout fishing

• Miles of OHV/ATV trails

• Located along the Pacific Ocean

• Coastal shore fishing opportunities

• Access to Nestucca River and chinook salmon fishery

• 2.3 million acres

• Extensive OHV/ATV trail system

• Excellent hunting and fishing options

Find more public land access opportunities with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Hunt Planner.

Photo: Little N. Fork Santiam, Williamette National Forest

Photo credit: flickr