Public Land: Hunting and Fishing in Indiana

With just more than two percent of the state publicly-owned, Indiana isn't known for its access. But the state does offer some solid public hunting opportunities.

• More than 12,000 acres

• 17 miles of river, 266 acres of lakes, 263 acres of impoundments offer good fishing options

• Good hunting for deer; put-and-take pheasant hunting

• 8,062 acres

• Good deer hunting; draw hunts for waterfowl and doves

• Gravel pit fishing for warm-water species; boat launches available

• 24,000 acres

• Forest includes seven lakes with boat launches for small boats on five of those (electric motors only)

• Hunting options include deer, turkeys, small game and grouse

• 4,444 acres

• Fishing in the Patoka River for warm-water species

• Deer, turkey and small game hunting options

• 9,000 acres

• 120 lakes contained within the forest offer excellent warm-water fishing

• Hunting options include whitetails, turkeys and small game

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Photo: Greene-Sullivan State Forest

Photo credit: flickr