Public Land: Hunting and Fishing in Iowa

Iowa is well known for its exceptional whitetail hunting. What it's not known for is abundant public land. And for good reason. Iowa ranks 49th in the nation in terms of publicly-owned land.

• 9,148 acres in southeast Iowa

• Forest is broken into several tracts

• Hunting opportunities include deer, turkeys and small game

• 11,000 acres

• Divided into four units in Western Iowa

• Offers deer and small game hunting

• 15,000 acres

• Divided into seven units in south-central Iowa

• Hunting options include deer, turkeys, small game

• 2,170 acres

• Offers upland bird hunting

• Deer, turkey and small game hunting options

• 15,822 acres

• Contains Rathbun Lake which offers excellent warmwater fishing

• Hunting options include whitetails, turkeys, small game and pheasants

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Photo: Loess Hills State Forest

Photo credit: flickr