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Just less than 6 percent of Maryland’s land area is publicly owned. A high population density in the state can make finding a place to hunt difficult. Fishing opportunities are solid, however, with ample lakes, rivers, and coastline.

Dan’s Mountain WMA

• 9,504 acres

• Dominated by mixed oak forest ideal for deer and turkey hunting

• Also offers grouse and squirrel hunting

Cedar Point WMA

• 1,926 acres

• Offers deer and turkey hunting

• Waterfowl hunting available by permit

Frederick City Watershed CWMA

• 7,300 acres

• Offers deer, waterfowl and turkey hunting

• Warm-water species fishing in ponds; trout fishing in streams

Savage River State Forest

• 54,000 acres

• Hunting for all Maryland game species; rifle range available

• Fishing opportunities in lake, ponds and streams

Janes Island State Park

• 3,147 acres

• Offers excellent and diverse fishing for both fresh and saltwater species as well as crabbing

• Waterfowl hunting opportunities

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