Public Land: Hunting and Fishing in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a small state with a limited amount of public land for hunting. Fishing opportunities include inland lakes and rivers along with coastal areas.

• 1,027 acres

• ORV trails

• Deer, turkey and small game hunting options

• 14,635 acres

• Offers deer and turkey hunting

• Numerous fishing opportunities on ponds, lakes and streams. Some boat launches available, electric motors only

• 11,000 acres

• Offers deer, bear and turkey hunting

• Warm-water species fishing in ponds

• 4,500 acres

• Hunting for deer, turkey, grouse and small game

• Fishing opportunities in Laurel Lake which has a boat launch

• 3,000 acres

• 35 miles of trails for access; good deer, turkey and small game hunting

• Inland fishing on lakes and streams

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Photo: College Pond, Myles Standish State Forest

Photo credit: flickr