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Public Land: Hunting and Fishing in Missouri

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Missouri offers some of the best public hunting and fishing access in the Midwest. From large timbered tracts to smaller river access locations, the Show Me State has plenty to offer.

Heath Memorial Conservation Area
• 1,526 acres in northeast Missouri
• Deer, turkey and small game hunting
• Five miles of trails for access

Grand Trace Conservation Area
• 1,500 acres in northwest Missouri
• Two fishing ponds offering bass and crappie
• Excellent deer and turkey hunting

Fourche Creek Conservation Area
• 3,768 acres
• Heavily timbered
• Excellent turkey hunting, good deer hunting

Mark Twain National Forest
• 1.5 million acres
• Excellent deer and turkey hunting
• Good fishing on streams and lakes throughout

Peck Ranch Conservation Area
• 23,761 acres
• 20,000 acres of timber for deer and turkey hunting
• Archery range and shooting range

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Photo: Mark Twain National Forest

Photo credit: flickr