Wildlife Management photo

It’s one of the iconic images of the West, right up there with the edifices on Mount Rushmore and Denver’s Bronco: the red-shirted, boot-wearing Wyoming game warden.

The Cowboy State’s wardens have worn that distinctive outerwear since 1947 (the official dress code also calls for a black fore-in-hand necktie, Eisenhower jacket, and Weadick hat), and the state wants to fit you for a warden’s uniform.

If you can pass Wyoming Game and Fish’s warden’s exam, that is.

If you’re interested in seeing what it takes to be a warden in Wyoming, check out this great video overview of wardens’ duties and responsibilities, and the department’s website. Then, if you qualify based on preliminary questions (mainly: do you have or are you on your way to earning a bachelor’s degree in wildlife management or related subject?), you can request to take the state’s warden exam.


For the first time since passing the test became mandatory in 1937, the Wyoming warden exam is being offered online.

Depending on how you do, and assuming you graduate from mandatory law-enforcement training, pass good-character assessments, and don’t have a history of law-enforcement violations, you could become a warden in one of the most wildlife-rich states in our union.

And you just might get your own red shirt.