I’ll return to whitetails later this week, but at the moment I’m in the high country, chasing elk and mule deer in Utah.

Here’s a glimpse of my success so far, a wide-racked 3×4 mule deer, still in full velvet. I connected on this decent buck after chasing the biggest muley I’ve ever seen – a huge-framed monster with deep forks that probably would score around 190 inches as a typical. We spotted that buck in the midst of a driving snow and sleet storm, but despite looking in the area for the next two days we never saw him again. He probably tucked out of the storm in a patch of dense aspens, enough to hide from our relentless searching.

It’s an unbelievable place – northern Utah – at an amazing time. Early September hunters can chase bugling bull elk with a rifle and see gangs of bachelor mule deer all in their velvet. Check out previous hunters’ success at the outfitter’s web site ( And wish me luck as I try to call in a big bull.

I’ll be back in whitetail country later in the week, after I butcher this buck and strip the thick velvet from the rack.