UPDATE: Okay, we’re outta here. Tornado warnings have popped up on my cell phone along with a nasty line of thunderstorms about to hit at any time. Time to climb out of the tree and get back to camp before it hits. Can’t hardly believe it, but deer were not on the move this morning. Tomorrow’s another day.

Al Roker is barking at us this morning — a storm of historic proportions is at our doorstep here in Ohio … we’re going deer hunting.

It’s the calm before the storm … 7 a.m. Ohio time and its warm and calm in the tree. We’ve moved stand locations and feel confident that these deer will be up and about ahead of this historic pressure drop which has already started as evidenced by our blown up ziplock bags.

Many years ago OL ran a piece called The Day The Duck Hunters Died about a veteran’s day storm in the Midwest. Ducks were everywhere ahead of an eerily similar weather event. Then many died on the water when the storm hit.

We’re not on the water and don’t plan to die, but we do hope to see the same sort of game movement.

Stay tuned for reports.