I’ve known CJ Davis a long time, and I know there are a few things he’s crazy about: long-bearded gobblers. His family. And traditional bows.

I had the good fortune to hunt with CJ, who runs press relations for Nikon optics, early this month in Missouri, and prior to the hunt he called with a funny proposal: “You shoot a recurve, right? Bring it to Missouri. I’ll bring mine and we’ll see if we can shoot some does with them.”

It sounded fun. I’ve been getting back into traditional bows the last couple of years and packed my Hoyt Dorado take-down. But I also brought my flat-shooting Bowtech Destroyer, which is what I ended up taking to the stand every day.

Not CJ. He strung up his gorgeous take-down Stalker and hunted every day with that stick and string. My goal in Missouri was to shoot a world-record buck. CJ’s was to kill any buck, and notch the first antlers to be taken with that recurve. Neither of us scored a buck — or a doe — but I’m pretty sure CJ had plenty of fun just toting that traditional bow.

This morning I got a short note from CJ with this photo attached and a link to his blog. To me, this is the vital spirit of hunting in general and Record Quest in particular.

I don’t care how many inches of antler your buck sports. If you can have a memorable outing like CJ, you have the record of a lifetime.