Are you prepared to shoot a deer beyond 200 yards?

I know how you’ll answer that, so let me put a point on my question: Are you prepared to confidently kill a deer out past 200 yards?

There’s a difference, of course, between shooting out of desperation and shooting with confidence, and most deer hunters experience one moment or the other in the course of a season.

My friend J. Wayne Fears addresses the skills you need to develop to shoot confidently at longer ranges in a piece he wrote for this week’s Outdoor Wire. It’s worth reviewing his recommendations on loads, optics and skills.

But an even better, more technical, overview of how to shoot at distance in the wind appeared in Outdoor Life’s June/July double issue. For those of you who might have skimmed it back in the summer, here’s John Plaster’s wisdom, ready to digest on the eve of rifle deer seasons.