It’s 5:23 on Friday evening and I am at my desk in NYC frantically trying to tie up loose ends before the weekend. The reason this Friday evening is different from the all the others is because tomorrow morning I board a plane bound for Kansas.

That’s right boys and girls, this urbanite is heading to the land of Dorothy and Toto, Dust in the Wind and whitetail bucks so large, they terrorize the local villages (at least they do in my dreams).

I will be spending a week in northeast Kansas with my friends Pete Angle, Mark Pezzoni, Tim Joseph and Eric Zinczenko and from what we’re hearing, the rut is just hitting full swing. Pete has been in Kansas this week managing an Under Armour photo shoot and he has been bombarding me with text messages all day telling me “…the big bucks are cruising” and “somebody just shot another one nearby!”

Thanks Pete, it isn’t difficult enough trying to concentrate on this excel spreadsheet, and now there is no way I will sleep a wink tonight.


We will have access to nearly 900 acres of farmland and there are more than 30 stands to choose from. One of the parcels has a creek that runs through the middle of it and there are large food plots in the bottom near the creek bed. There are also some patches of standing beans and some nice setups overlooking travel corridors. Most of the stand locations (yellow markers) are on either the North or South side of the food plots as the prevailing winds come from the west. We will be closely watching OL Weather to check out the upcoming wind forecast and set up accordingly. This week has been warm and windy but a cold front just moved through today.

Stay tuned for updates. In the meantime I’ll try to get those Kansas songs out of my head and finish this spreadsheet!