I’m on my way to western Kansas to take my shot at Record Quest fame and glory. I’m going to be hunting the wide-open prairies with Craig Cushman, the head of PR for Thompson/Center.

My fingers are crossed that the deer rut will still be going great guns. During the last week while looking out the back window of my house in Bozeman I’ve seen the rut in full effect. Frigid temps had got the deer moving and I’ve watched a number of bucks chasing does, making rubs and otherwise throwing caution to the wind as their drive to breed takes over.

Will that same deer behavior greet me when I get to Kansas? I’m hopeful.

The gun I’m bringing along is T/C’s single-shot Pro Hunter pistol in 6.5 Creedmoor. The time I’ve spent at the range with it has given me tremendous confidence in its capabilities. See the blog I wrote about the gun here.

Originally I was going to tote along a rifle in 6.5 as well in case the buck of a lifetime made an appearance at long range, but the Pro Hunter is so accurate I didn’t feel the need.

Am I tempting fate? We’ll see.