I saw more activity this morning than I’ve seen on any morning sit all week, which is heartening as we get ready to head out for the final sit of our Illinois hunt.

This morning I sat in a cedar tree on the edge of a cut cornfield. Temps were in the mid 20s and the wind was out of the west-northwest at about 15 mph. At about 7:40 four does fed out of the timber to my left and into the field. They were followed by a young buck with 3 points on his right side and a broken left beam. Three does continued onto the far side of the field while the fourth doe and the buck came back and walked right below my stand before disappearing into the woods behind me.

Twenty minutes later a 4-point walked out 10 yards to my left and fed a bit before continuing across the field. After that the woods went quiet.

We’re approaching the 11th hour of out hunt here in Adams County. It’s do or die tonight…