After a day and a half on stand here in Adams County, I’m afraid there isn’t much to report. Yesterday afternoon I returned to the same hay/clover field on which I sat yesterday morning, but moved to the northwest corner, as the wind had changed.

A few does came into the field to feed just before dark, but most of the activity was in a timber bottom behind me. They have had an enormous acorn crop here this year, so the thinking is that the deer are still feeding on that mast and have yet to move to the food plots.

Which brings us to this morning’s hunt, where I sat in a stand 150 yards into the timber. It overlooked a deep bottom with converging dry creek beds. Before it was even light enough to see, I could hear deer moving through the draws. Once the sun got up a bit I could see that they were all does, about 6 in total. Once they moseyed past me and out of sight, the woods shut down for the remainder of the morning sit.

We’re about to head back out, and expectations are high. There’s a front moving into the area, bringing snow with it, so we’re hoping it’ll force the bucks, which we know are around, to get up and finally show themselves. Fingers are crossed…