This installment of Record Quest focuses on setting up to call bulls with a partner.

There’s some good information in the clip, but for me the highlight is the bugle that sounds exactly like your dog when his tail gets slammed in the door.

Think I’m joking? Then check out the clip. But first, a little background. We filmed these video clips last summer outside Bozeman, Montana. Check out the scenery. It’s northwest of town a little way, shooting east into the frickin’ awesome Bridger Mountains.

My partner in this clip is the videographer’s buddy, who showed up to help us out, running props, holding reflectors and setting up tripods, all the little details that require more time than you’d ever expect.

Anyway, we needed a second body in this clip, and so I handed him my bugle tube and face mask and asked him to act as my “caller” in this set-up where I’m pretending to be the “hunter.”

The sun was setting. The light was right. Time was of the essence. But every time he blew that bugle tube, I broke down in howls of laughter. Howls almost as intense as the ones he was getting out of that tube.