We at Outdoor Life are fond of saying that’s not just a title, it’s a lifestyle.

And nobody embodies our outdoor lives like our publisher, Eric Zinczenko. He’s a hardcore hunter, a top-shelf shooter, and focused as a laser beam.

Like me, EZ drools over massive mule deer. Unlike me, he’s actually encountered what I’d call a buck of a lifetime. Check out the footage of his 220-inch velvet buck in southwest Utah’s Paunsaugunt Unit.

For most of us, killing a buck of this caliber would be a career-ending event. How do you top this? But Eric is returning the Paunsaugunt this fall with expectations of dropping another monster. You might note in his narrative: there were a couple of other giants with the buck that he killed.

This is what Record Quest is all about: the never-ending hunt for your biggest buck.