Today I tagged along with Jonathan Harling with the NWTF who was attempting to get his first Osceola. Ray Eye and Steve Cobb with Hunter’s Specialities were filming the hunt and calling for Jonathan. My job was to sit still and enjoy the show.

When the first gobbles rang out around 6 am, I could see one tom on a limb not 75 yards away, where he was also strutting and drumming. Minutes later a group of approximately 10 turkeys, including the longbeard, flew down into the field where we were set up. The group began to approach our calls but hung up at the site of our decoys. Despite the calls of Ray and Steve the flock moved away from us. Fortunately, a satellite tom that had entered the field from the other side sprinted into the camera frame where Harling promptly delivered a killing shot. The time: 6:35 am.

By days end two more hunters sealed the deal, leaving only one hunter left to fill his tag.