I got a call from the NWTF’s Rob Keck this past weekend while he was in the airport following a successful first hunt of the season for Osceolas. As host of Turkey Call TV, Keck and his camera crew were on the Seminole Reservation in South Florida last week, during what was the first turkey season anywhere for the ’06 season. They also saw Bob Walker and Paul Butski of Walker’s Game Ear, who were no doubt also filming in the area for their show, Sportsman’s Outdoor Strategies.

The group was joined by Manuel Inriques (probably murdering the spelling), a Mexican outfitter who has hosted Federation hunts for Gould’s in his country.

Rob reported that the birds were working well even if they weren’t yet gobbling real strong. The group killed three birds on film and Rob said a number of birds tried slipping in quietly. One of the kills might not have happend had it not been for Rob hitting a box call, which pulled a shock gobble from a tom the hunters didn’t even know was among them.

“One of the big things a guy has to look out for are these satellite gobblers that don’t call while they’re coming in,” he says. In areas with a good mix of two-year-old and older birds, the younger birds will still want some action, but not at the expense of raising the boss gobbler’s ire. That translates to a lot of turkeys slipping in to your setup without making a sound. Move around and that tom will make you everytime.

As you read this, the Turkey Call TV crew has moved a little farther north in Florida where they are hunting with Mark Young of Federal ammunition.