Ernie Calandrelli with Quaker Boy Game Calls called the other day to report that his and Chris Kirby’s sojourn to South Carolina’s Low Country for the opener was well worth the trip. The group filmed two successful hunts on camera and had several other close-call hunts. Mark Scroggins, another video veteran, also filmed two hunts where birds were taken.

All of the men reported that the birds where still extremely bunched up and gobbling little, especially once they hit the ground. This is typical for the first week or two of that Low Country season.

“If a guy is patient and lets the turkeys do their thing in the morning, then he can be successful,” Calendrelli says.”We killed one bird a little after 10 and one around 9:30 once the hens worked away from the gobblers.”

Calendrelli recommends sitting tight and sticking with the occasional calling. Toms that suddenly find themselves alone will remember where they heard your calls and might come calling in hopes of finding an actual hen. This will probably stand true in many states this spring as winter bird patterns linger into the first days or even weeks of many spring turkey seasons.

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