Quaker_boy_pic Ernie Calandrelli (right), Chris Kirby (center) and the rest of the Quaker Boy crew have been having what sounds like one of the most successful seasons ever in filming for the Born To Hunt television series as well as for their videos.

Starting with a tough, but successful hunt in South Carolina (pictured, with Ernie and Chris is Danny Harrell), the gang headed to Texas where despite henned up birds, Ernie reports 21 hunters killed a whopping 42 birds during their hunt.

From there, Ernie headed to Oklahoma where they tagged four birds in four days of hunting. With Ernie were his son, Nick, and hunters Terry Head and John Carper. They caught three of the hunts on video. They reported that although birds gobbled well from the roost, like everywhere else they had been, they shup up early.

From there they were heading to Illinois, Kansas, Iowa and Missouri and Ernie called me the other day to from one of those places to offer another update, but his cell signal was so broken, I could hear just enough to know it was him. Hey Ern, if you’re reading this, give me a shout! In the meantime, I’ll try to track the big guy down.