Every few days, I get a call from my old buddy Alex Rutledge, who in traveling and hunting as part of his job as a Hunter’s Specialties pro staffer, probably nearly forgets what his family looks like this time of year.

Alex has been making the spring rounds. Here’s an update of what he and some of rest of the crew at H.S. have been seeing and doing: After his hunt in Louisiana with former NFL quarterback Bubby Brister, Alex headed to Tennessee where he teamed up with country singer Craig Morgan. Morgan is a former sheriff’s deputy and die-hard turkey hunter, who I had the pleasure of hunting with several years ago shortly after his hit single release “Almost Home.”

Morgan tagged two toms, tipping the scales at around 21 pounds and 18 pounds respectively, with Alex a few weeks ago right after scoring big in Alabama as part of the country contigent performing for the Country Goes Huntin’ charity concert that we blogged right here. Rutledge also scored on a nice 22-pounder.

From there he went home to Missouri for the youth hunt and took a little girl named Tory on her first turkey hunt. Tory, 8, suffers from spina bifida, and wasn’t expected to live past the age of 2. Alex called a bird in for her on film, and although she missed the shot, he says the hunt was so awesome it is sure to make the next Cuttin’ and Struttin’ video by H.S.

From there it was on to Illinois where he hunted Timberland Outfitters with owners Ben and Len Plattner. There, Alex did something all of us veteran hunters should take the time to do, he introduced two hunters to the thrill of turkey hunting by helping them tag their first birds. Think about it.