Doug_tommy_use_1I’ve had a combined 15 hours sleep since Friday, just drove from one state to catch a plane in another to fly to another and will pull maybe four hours of sleep tonight if I’m lucky. Ah yes, it is truly turkey season once more. I’m already dragging, so forgive me if this post comes across as a little incoherent.

I departed Virginia at noon after hunting all morning. Tommy Barham, of Primos Hunting Calls, and I hit it one last morning before I had to blow out of there, but finding a gobbling turkey the properties we checked suddenly became a challenge after the first two days of the season. It was around 8 a.m. before we hit on a surprise group of birds that consisted of two longbeards, a jake and several hens. They were in the field where my daughter and I had scouted a strutter on Sunday.

Tommy and I slid around to an adjoining field and began to set up the Pretty Boy strutting turkey decoy when a hen busted us cold. I quickly picked up the turkey fan and turned it back and forth in front of me and the hen instantly calmed down. Unfortunately, she also became more curious and marched up to the two of us as we crouched motionless on all fours 15 yards from any cover. She strolled to within 10 yards of us, hung out trying to figure out what we were and finally slid off. We tried working the other birds our way, but they weren’t having anything to do with us today. So the trip ended 2-1 our favor, a great hunt anytime.

It’s off to Texas tomorrow, where I’ll be hunting with a group assembled by Realtree. I’ll try to keep you posted if I can find a computer. I’ve received some killer hunt reports from the guys at Quaker Boy and Hunter’s Specialties among others, and while most of them note that the turkeys have been tough to work once on the ground with limited gobbling, most are having no problems finding success. I will try to bring you up to date with their seasons as well.