Turkey_blind_1Well, I promised to update you on how this camo perch set up by C.J. Davis atop a bulldozer in South Carolina panned out for his opening day hunt. An avowed bowhunter, ol’ C.J. pulled a switcheroo on Saturday and hit the woods with landowner Charles Kemp–scatterguns, not bows, in hand! After hearing of their results, I can’t blame them.

The area got hit by some bad weather on the Saturday opener, but not before Charle’s father killed a nice gobbler that had just gone to battle with a lesser tom. C.J. and Charles heard some gobblers, but rather than push things trying to make something happen before the bottom fell out, they backed out of the spot and simply returned Monday. Turns out it was a good call. Within 15 minutes on Monday morning, in the same exact spot where they had heard the gobbling Saturday, they both tagged out. A third gobbler was allowed to flee the scene.

So no, the dozer blind didn’t get used on the opener. C.J. did however, hit it on Tuesday, and this is what he had to say:

“I had a hell of a hunt but there were no arrows loosed. Atop the dozer was the place to be this morning. One longbeard followed some hens in but when the lead hen didn’t like my decoy he just followed her out and around the patch. He was well within shotgun range (40 yards) but I wanted an up close and personal shot for my bow.

“Then a fight broke out between two gobblers about 70 yards away from me with the winner chasing the looser off.

“Later,the next tom (which I really think was the first one, just minus the hens this time) came in behind me, and I was set for him to walk past the blind heading to the decoy. He got to within 30 yards (behind me of course), stopped and watched the decoy for 10 minutes just gobbling. It was a great show but I couldn’t lower the window on his side for fear of him seeing me.

“In addition I didn’t have a shot due to the trees. I was certain he would walk forward and by the open window. Of course, that never happened. Instead he took a right turn and went behind me going toward another bird that was gobbling in the distance. I think I shall leave Henrietta at home tomorrow.

Robber_or_hunter_“All in all it was a great morning with strong gobbling up until 8:30am. I gotta tell you though, I feel like I’m ready to rob a liquor store being dressed in black. But wearing that black really makes you disappear inside those blinds.”

C.J. makes a great point about wearing the black Under Armour inside of his blind. It’s something other hunters should consider. While the camo works fine, black clothing will really keep you hidden in the deep shadows of a blind, giving you that much more room to move when a bird is close and you need to get a better angle from inside before loosing a shot. Plus, you get to look kind of like a ninja, which is always pretty cool.

Footnote: I got an email from C.J. this morning (April 6). Seems the Man in Black returned to the scene of the crime yesterday atop his dozer and after some back and forth with a tom that actually got led into range by a hen instead of taking it away, the boy missed! Should have, um, stuck to your guns, C.J. Hit or miss, he’s been into turkeys everyday, which is what all of us dream about.