Txdoughog1Back to reality! While it was still a nice animal, this pose makes it seem much less impressive than the previous one. Regardless it was still a heavy package to load into the truck. Most of the meat taken during the hunt will be given to families who can live off of it for quite awhile. There is still no better way to care for less fortunate families and have a great time than to donate game meat.

JohnrussellhogOutdoor writer Russell Graves (left) and Realtree’s John Hafner pose it up with a white-tusked boar taken during one of the many hog hunts that filled time between chasing turkeys.

TxhookCheck out the hook on this big boy! The terrain at Halff Bros. was more sandy than rocky, which allows longbeards to become true limbhangers with nice, curved long spurs. Josh Miller tagged this Rio that sported true 1 1/2-inch hooks. It’s not often that a hunter gets to see a spur like that.

TxgameplanWhether it was heading out for hogs after a 9:30 p.m. dinner or up at 5 a.m. planning the morning’s turkey hunt, life revolved around the picnic tables on the deck at the lodge. I’d love to tell you there was more serious strategizing going on here most of the time, but it would be a lie, we most sat here after hunts sipping cold ones and ripping on each other’s bad luck! From left to right are OL contribuor Andrew McKean, Krause Publications’ Brian Lovett, Josh Miller with Realtree (it’s his first hunt as a company man), Nino Bosaz with Harris Publications (Harris is also located in New York and Nino and I realized in conversation that we both pass many of the same bums on the way to work each day. Small world!) and finally T-Bird. Yeah, the name says it all. T-Bird was pure Texas and a hell of guide. If he wasn’t putting you on game he at least had you laughing hard enough that you risked tumbling off the tailgate of the truck.


This is what we were all looking to see and what I hope most of you out there will get to experience before June rolls around. Whether the birds are quick to the call or hard to pull from hens, Texas always offers a fantastic experience. If you’ve never been, you owe it to yourself to plan a trip maybe next year. I’ll offer some links on a few of the places I’ve been that I highly recommend in a future post. If you need them sooner, just email me at

And thanks again go out to John Hafner for supplying the pics.