Like most of the call and camo companies that also produce TV shows and hunt videos, the crew from Primos Hunting Calls have been hard at it the past few weeks trying to catch some turkey hunts on film. Word from the road is that they are off to one heck of a start. Here’s a rundown of what they’ve captured on tape and learned along the way:

Florida–The turkeys were gobbling their heads off in the Sunshine State, both on the roost and once they hit the ground. They also worked to the call real good. Primos’s Chris Ashley and Keith Burgess each killed turkeys, one using a bow and the other a shotgun. They also used Bob, a taxidermied full-strut gobbler, which works like you wouldn’t believe. The guys confess though, “The only problem is that Bob is big and heavy, which makes him hard to carry.”

Mississippi–The boys have been tearing it up in their home state of Mississippi. Brad Farris and Art Mott hit it early and like most places that always seem to open just a little too soon, they found the birds to be gobbling okay from the roost, but shutting up once they were on the ground! “If you find a turkey that is gobbling good, you can kill him,” they say. A lot of gobblers were sneaking in silently to their calls, which proved to be their undoing in a couple of cases.

Meanwhile, company founder Will Primos found the same thing that Brad and Art did. Using “Bob,” the strutting turkey mount, made things interesting and Will worked one in to the gun with a good mix of calling and proper decoy use.

On another Mississippi hunt, Keith Burgess and Matthew Moses doubled on longbeards that also came in silent to their calling. “This was a case of having done a lot of scouting, roosting the birds and knowing which way they were going to go when they flew of the roost,” they say. In working a few birds, both Keith and Matthew simply got as close as possible to the toms’ roost in the dark then not even making a call. This is something to remember the next time you are trying to work a call-shy gobbler or one that is simply henned up so bad that the hens might pull him away from you if you call too much. The hunters watched as many as 25 hens in one group go by with two toms bringing up the rear.

T.J. Williams, who was kind enough to supply this information from the guys on the road, said to look for all of these hunts on Primos’ upcoming TRUTH 18 Turkey video and on the Primos TRUTH About Hunting television show.

I’ll be heading to my home state of Virginia this weekend to hunt the opener Saturday and plan to hit the woods for a few days after with Primos Hunting Calls prostaffer Tommy Barham. I’ll keep you posted on our success.