“It all finally came together. After my whiff at the Bulldozer Blind the area went cold and I moved to another piece of property to set up a blind. The birds have been roosting across a creek that serves as the property line. I can’t cross the creek and for two mornings I couldn’t get the gobblers to cross either. This morning was my third morning of trying the spot and with plenty of hens for the gobblers in this new spot, my chances didn’t look good.

“On the first morning I had one lone tom come to the edge, lock up and watch my decoy for 10 minutes and then slip off. Decoys are just not working for me this year in S.C.

“Despite great gobbling before and after fly-down the woods quieted down with an occasional gobble coming from, yep, across the creek. At first light I had also heard a couple of gobblers sound off in the hardwood bottom to my left but it had been an hour since I last heard from them.

“Finally with the woods being totally silent, I slipped out of my blind and did some calling from different areas near my blind. I was hoping to sound like a couple of hens feeding and moving around and add some realism to the setup. After getting a gobble in response I dove back in the blind. The gobbling got closer but he still would not cross the creek or even offer me a look at him. At that point I thought I heard a gobble to my left but couldn’t pinpoint it.

“I quickly peeked out my left window and saw two longbeards coming my way. I was hoping with no decoys to lock them up that they might cruise right into range while looking for the hen. It was working. As the lead gobbler half-strutted out of my left window I drew and let him walk into the middle of the next window. I stopped him with a putt and dropped the string. The hit was solid and after flipping over and flopping for a bit he was done. The bird turned out to have a 9.5″ beard with 1” spurs.

“It was a great hunt!”

No doubt it was. Thanks to both of these guys for sharing their hunts and their photos. If you have a hunt and some photos you’d like to share, send them to me at