Memorial Day

Bill writes, "Twelve birds came off the roost at 5:30 AM, including 4 jakes, a number of hens and a gobbler. They planted themselves in a 300-yard-long field for more than two hours until I made a few calls from my box. At the time I made the calls, the tom was about 100 yds away. "He circled the corner of the field where I was and eventually made his way over to me, gobbling and looking for the hen he thought I was. I didn't use any decoys. Just my box call! A load of #6 Hevi-Shot put him down.

Bill's gobbler weighed 17 pounds, 10 ounces, had a 9-inch beard and 1-inch spurs.He will be entered into our "Give Us The Bird" contest with prizes offered by Carry-Lite, Hunter's Specialties, Knight & Hale, Quaker Boy, Primos, Woodhaven Custom Calls and Woods Wise. For complete details and rules, click here. Remember, it's not too late to enter.

Have a fantastic Memorial Day!