Chris_keith Like several other call companies that have been keeping us up-to-date on the success of their seasons, Primos Hunting Calls is having a stellar spring. Here’s a recap of some of their recent hunts provided by the company’s marketing manager, T.J. Williams.

Kansas—Video team members Chris Ashley, Troy Ruiz, Keith Burgess, Kevin Meacham and Ken Flemming hunted Kansas. They all limited out on turkeys as the birds were gobbling good both on the roost and on the ground. Most of the hunting action occurred later in the morning as the turkeys were henned up pretty bad off the roost. But, once again they hunted with their fully mounted strutting decoy named BOB and that was all those lonely toms could handle.

Tennessee—The opening week of turkey season in Tennessee was awesome for Primos video team members Keith Burgess, Troy Ruiz and Kevin Meacham. The weather was nearly perfect and the turkeys were fired up and ready. Six birds were easy picking for this Tennessee trip.

California—After 41 straight days of rain in the Coastal Mountain Range of California, video team members Chris Ashley and Kevin Meacham timed it just right. As the rain stopped, the turkeys cranked up almost overnight. Once again not only did the turkeys cooperate, Chris Ashley said they seemed to love the sound of every call that they threw at them.

From there, the crew headed to Iowa and Missouri. All of these hunts will be able to be seen on either The TRUTH 18 Spring Turkey Hunting video or the Primos TRUTH About Hunting television program, which airs on The Outdoor Channel.