Miller_imageWisconsin hunter Kerry Miller had struggled through the entire season (and they’re short up there) without filling a tag. So when this jake strolled toward the sound of Kerry’s calls, he did what any hunter who appreciates the taste of wild turkey would do, he pulled the trigger.

“The last day opportunity presented itself so I took the shot,” says Kerry. “It’s not the biggest bird I ever got, but at least it will make a fine meal for the table.”

That it will, Kerry. Congrats. And great picture, too.

I don’t have a problem with taking a jake at all depending on the situation and if the landowner or fellow hunters who share the land don’t mind, particularly if a hunter hasn’t had much luck during the rest of the season and it’s getting down to the final days. (Of course, it has to be legal as well, which it is during every spring season except in Mississippi.) In fact, some hunts that wound up with a jake slung over my shoulder remain some of my fondest.

Kerry will be entered into our “Give Us The Bird” contest with prizes offered by Carry-Lite, Hunter’s Specialties, Knight & Hale, Quaker Boy, Primos, Woodhaven Custom Calls and Woods Wise. For complete details and rules, click here.