One Pumped Hunter

We backed off and decided to have Harvey and Alvin set up on the edge of the woods for calling and I would crawl out into the wheat stubble in hopes the toms would work my way as they were about 100 yards. This field is real hilly with peaks and valleys which create some dead zones for visibility. After about five minutes of calling, a hen came out of the woods and started to move between me and the toms, splitting the difference between us. The hen continued to move my way and the combination of her movement and Harvey's calling encouraged the toms to move toward us. After another five minutes the hen moved down into one of the valleys. The toms were close in tow, gobbling all the way! I thought they were going to continue working the length of this valley, thus moving away from me. I quickly crawled backwards, skirted one of the hills in the field and belly crawled up about another 30 yards to the top of another hill. Laid out military style and ready to shoot I waited. Harvey kept calling and the toms kept gobbling! Then everything moved in slow motion. One tom's head popped up, then another, then another and then finally the last one. They all took a few steps forward with their necks stretched out looking and gobbling for the hen. They were about 40 yards out in front of me. I then took solid aim at the third tom and fired. The tom dropped! Two of the others flew back to where they came from, the other one ran to the opposite field edge and the hen flew in another direction. I sprung up and claimed my first tom - what a trophy! Its beard measured 11 inches and the spurs were 1-inch each and we think it weighed well over 25 pounds. The attached photos show our hunt location in mid-Michigan as well as the other hunters. Experiencing this with my family members is something I will always remember and never forget. Hunting and the great outdoors-I love it!

Congrats, Mark. Any chance you're going to keep turkey hunting now?!?

Mark will be entered into our "Give Us The Bird" contest with prizes offered by Carry-Lite, Hunter's Specialties, Knight & Hale, Quaker Boy, Primos, Woodhaven Custom Calls and Woods Wise. For complete details and rules, click here.