Russell_image_2Longtime Strut Zone reader Greg Russell (left in picture) has offered a lot of input since OL kicked off its wave of outdoor blogs. Greg has tossed his picture into the “Give Us The Bird” ring and after offering a number of supportive comments, finally becomes the topic of a post after he scored big on an Indiana hunt.

Greg and his friend, Harold Greene, hunted at Royal Flush Enterprises, which normally runs only pheasant and quail hunts, but as the pair have learned over the past two years, also has a healthy turkey population.

Greg’s trophy weighed 21 1/2 pounds, had an 8-inch beard and…um… well, had spurs Greg tells us that measured 21 millimeters! Greg, buddy, millimeters? Why the sudden switch to the metric system? I don’t have a tape measure handy and as I’m virtually mathematically illiterate (that’s why I’m an editor), I’ll let you dudes figure out how that translates into the English system.

Greg will be entered into our “Give Us The Bird” contest with prizes offered by Carry-Lite, Hunter’s Specialties, Knight & Hale, Quaker Boy, Primos, Woodhaven Custom Calls and Woods Wise. For complete details and rules, click here.