Indiana Sets Record

Russell_image_2_1This report just got sent in by Strut Zone reader Greg Russell (pictured, left) of Indiana. Sounds like it was another awesome year in the Hoosier State with turkey hunters there setting another record. Here's what Greg wrote:

Got word on preliminary reports for Indiana`s 2006 spring turkey harvest. It appears that the Hoosier state set a new record this past spring with 13,193 birds killed in 88 counties open for hunting of 92 counties in the state. This represents an 18 percent increase over the 11,159 wild turkeys killed in the 2005 spring hunt. Jakes made up 14 percent of the harvest, compared to 25 percent last spring, with adult birds making up 86 percent of the harvest, including 2 year old birds, at 67 percent, the highest percentage of the overall harvest in the 37 years Indiana has had a spring wild turkey season. Hunter success rate was an estimated 26 percent for the 51,000 hunters thought to have taken to the woods. One last stat-average weight of adult birds taken was 21 lbs. only slightly less than the 21.5 lb gobbler I took. Life is good in Indiana.--Greg

Thanks for the report Greg. Any of you other guys come across some numbers, let us know.