IndianshieldHere’s one you don’t see everyday. Auction It LLC has plans to auction a piece of Native American Sheild Artwork on eBay. The painted shield has traveled to space in the space shuttle Endeavor to the Mir Space station. The shield is the work of Guy Reddoor Reddies a descendent of Chief Sitting Bull. The artwork was actually commissioned by NASA so it could be flown out of space. Maybe I’m alone on this, but outer space and Native American history are two things that I don’t generally associate with one another.

Significant to the artwork–and the reason it is part of this blog–is that a prominent part of the decor on the shield includes turkey feathers, which somehow are symbolic of flying into outer space. I didn’t realize Native Americans had pondered such ventures, but then, what person hasn’t looked heavenward at a full moon and wondered what it would be like to be up there.

I do know that turkey feathers have played a very important role in Native American ceremonies and that the NWTF has even worked with other groups to help supply feathers for tribes still using them with their prayer sticks and in other cultural ceremonies.

Check it out on eBay. The auction ends Aug. 21 and bids will start at $200.

For more information from Auction It LLC and the history of the shield, click here.