Whoooaaaa!!! My apologies to Strut Zone visitors for my virtual absence the past two weeks. No, I didn’t have a Dave Chapelle-style meltdown and run off to Africa to discover my inner being as one guy suggested, though I probably should have. I did, however, have to deal with a family crisis before jetting off on an abbreviated Wisconsin deer hunt where some of the biggest B&C bucks are taken each year (I’ll save you the suspense: I didn’t get anything). As a result, I have been off the blogging grid. And at such a vital time too, when fall turkey seasons are opening up throughout the Northeast.

Just wanted to let you know to stay tuned as I have been working on some cool stuff that I will begin posting throughout this weekend and into next week hopefully working back up to the torid pace I was trying to keep last spring and on into the summer.

In the meantime, for any of you guys who have already hit the woods, let us know what you’re seeing or doing out there. As always, send us pics from your days afield as I always enjoying sharing those with the rest of the Strut Zone audience. My good buddy and outdoor writer, Steve Hickoff, who has already penned a couple of cool pieces for our spring issues of Outdoor Life, hit the woods of New York earlier this week and we’ll be getting a full report from him.

Stay tuned.