Usecnc A crew from Outdoor Life and Field & Stream descended on Jackson, Miss., yesterday at the invite of Will Primos of Primos Hunting Calls fame to hunt deer and enjoy a tour of the company’s facilities.

Our entourage included publisher Eric Zinczenko, salesmen Greg Gatto and Stephen Mitchell, F&S Editor in Chief Sid Evans, F&S contributor Bill Heavey and myself. Led by Primos’ T.J. Williams and Mike Powell, we first inspected the company’s headquarters in Jackson yesterday getting a look at their mouth call production, shipping and video departments. Primos produces between 350,000 and 400,000 mouth calls a year between turkey, elk and coyote diaphragms and if you figured there was some big factory-like machine simply smashing them together and spitting them out, you’d be dead wrong. There is a team of people, who with a little help from some machinery, are still using their hands at every step of the way to create and inspect these calls. It was truly amazing.

Usecnc2Today, we took a tour at their CNC facility in Brookhaven, where Anthony Foster, showed us how computer guided machinery produces some of the best manufacturered calls in the country including most of their strikers, pots, box calls and duck calls. We also got a sneak peak at the company’s new use-wet box call which will be premiered in early 2007. Each one, like all of their boxes, are handtuned right there at the facility.

Now its off for our chance for some Mississippi Delta bucks. Stay tuned.