FselectionsignsIt’s been more than a week since the Democrats beat the tar out of the GOP at the polls and still those damn election signs seem to litter every other street corner and grass strip along the highway. I suppose if candidates were being charged to leave them up they would have had them taken down at midnight, unlike the expensive television ads, which disappeared the second the polls closed. (Now at least, there is ad space on the TV for real businesses to finally advertise, which alone should boost our economy and give the new party in power something to boast about!!!)

If you’re tired of seeing the signs still sprouting around your neighborhood strip mall, do yourself a favor and grab an armload of them when you pass by. Then, the next time you are going out to the lease or range to pattern turkey loads, you’ll have a ready target stand. Simply pound the sign into the ground and staple a paper turkey target to the stiff cardboard sign. It takes all of two seconds. Election signs make for some of the most inexpensive and disposable target stands available. Heck, if the sign doesn’t belong to the person for whom you voted, you may even get some extra enjoyment out of filling the candidate’s name with holes from your No. 4s, 5s or 6s.