I did screw up. Hell, I’m a turkey hunter, not an expert waterfowler. I duck hunt like I golf. I love it, but if I get a chance to do it more than a couple of times a year, I’m really doing something. And I miscalled that one instead of double checking with my expert sources. I should have stuck with what we actually shot, which (if I recall correctly, I don’t have my notes with me Nick) were some mallards and a few old squaw. What I do know is that there were a lot of freakin’ ducks flying around out there!

Growing up doing the occassional mill pond duck hunt along the sucky Atlantic flyway, about all I ever saw were mallards, teal and woodducks. Beyond that, my identification is hit or miss and I rely on the more experienced hunters I’m with to be sure.

Oh, and I apologize, Nick, for the redundancy of diving and sea duck. I guess it’s like your refusal to use proper articles and prepositions in conjunction with some nouns (and one missed helping verb, too). One mistake does not a farce make! Shakespeare said that, or was it Moe from the Three Stooges or did I just make it up. I can’t remember…